Wild Turkey Ranch Facilities

The Wild Turkey Ranch is operated locally by the Ford family. We have hosted more than 1,500 weddings and other events and have been in business for over 20 years!

We would love to host your event, too! Just give us a call, text or email. 615.415.3892 or info@wildturkeyranch.com.

Facilities Measurements and Description

  • The entire barn is 110 ft. x 40 ft.
  • The Wild Turkey Conference Room is 55 ft. x 40 ft. The room features rustic wood walls, 16 foot ceiling, nickel colored ceiling fans, and a floor to ceiling solid stone wood-burning fireplace. French doors on each side of the fireplace open to a concrete patio with a view of the outdoor riding arena. French doors on the opposite end of the room open into the stables. The ceiling also has draped open bulb lights.
  • The balcony area overlooks the conference room and is 14' x 12'. This area can be used as a staging area. There are separate men and women's restrooms.
  • The front porch is 110 ft. long and has 12 porch poles. The poles are approximately 80 inches tall. There is approximately 8 ft. 4 inches between each pole. The lawn in front of the porch is 50 ft. wide from side porch until the tree line. If you are planning a tent, the width should most like stay 40 ft. or smaller. The length is not as critical. Most couples order a 30' x 40' tent.
  • Pergola platform is 10ft. x 8 ft. The 10 ft. side faces the guests. Height is 97 inches from the platform to the top of the pergola. Inside pole dimensions is 82 inches from pole to pole. The diagonal measure is 6 1/2 ft. x 6 1/2 ft. The pergola poles are 5" x 5".
  • The kitchen is equipped with a stove, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher. An eight foot counter/opening between the kitchen and conference room serves as a buffet/bar. You are welcome to bring your own caterer.
  • Covered patio area is 40 ft. x 20 ft.
  • The Bride Room has two sections: Entry Section: 6 1/2ft. x 12 ft. Makeup/Ready Area: 12' x 10'
  • The metal tub for drinks is 47 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 12 inches deep.
  • The fireplace is 10' 2" wide. The hearth is rounded and protrudes into the room 45" at its widest point.
  • The women's bathroom has a tub/shower combination.
  • Our tables are 8 ft. long rectangle; 29 " wide top and approximately 30" to the floor. The 156" linens work well. The rounds are 5 ft. diameter.
  • The wooden table is six foot long rectangle, 32" from the ground and 35" wide.
  • Fireplace mantle is 10 inches deep and nine feet long. The fireplace opening is 47 1/2" wide and 27" tall.
  • Outdoor corral has exactly 47 posts. The corral is approximately 125 feet long and 40 feet wide.
  • From the double back doors where most bridal parties enter, to the corral gate is approximately 41 ft. Then from the gate to the center of the corral is 25 ft. Then the distance to the pergola from that spot is approximately 65 ft.
  • Pass thru window in the kitchen is 7'9" wide and 38" tall.
  • Large Picture Window: 4' 8" tall and 10' wide.
  • Windows above fireplace: Odd shaped: They are 70 1/2" wide, the short side is 28" and the long side is 44".
  • Doors are 36" wide. The glass area of the doors are 21" wide and 62" tall.
  • Our chairs are Lifetime Brand Resin chairs. The seat is 16 inches wide. Back of chair is 19 inches wide with curved back. From top of chair to the floor is 33 inches.
  • Main Barn Door Windows: 3 ft. ten inches tall and four feet wide. (There are two of them)
  • Old Wooden Wagon: 43 inches wide, 43 inches tall and 130 inches long.
  • Benches: There are twenty white benches. Measurements are 9 1/4" wide, 8 ft. long, and 17" tall.
  • During sunset, the sun is setting behind you as you face the main barn doors.